Delicious Maple Cappuccino Recipe for a Cozy Morning

Dear coffee lovers,

Are you tired of the same old flavor in your daily cup of coffee? Look no further, for I have just the recipe to give your taste buds a sweet and cozy treat. Today, I invite you to join me on a journey to discover the flavors of fall with my Maple Cappuccino Recipe.

Picture yourself holding a warm mug filled with rich espresso, frothy steamed milk, and just the right amount of sweetness from maple syrup. The aroma of cinnamon wafts through the air, creating a cozy atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket on a crisp autumn day. This cappuccino recipe combines the traditional taste of a cappuccino with the unique flavor and sweetness of real maple syrup.

Not only is this recipe perfect for fall, but it is also versatile enough to be enjoyed all year round. Whether you’re looking for a comforting morning beverage or an indulgent afternoon pick-me-up, this Maple Cappuccino Recipe is sure to satisfy your cravings.

So grab your favorite mug, and let’s dive into this easy-to-follow recipe. Get ready to experience the perfect balance of flavors and feel like a barista in your own home.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Maple Cappuccino
Maple Cappuccino

My dear coffee lovers, let me tell you why this maple cappuccino recipe will steal your heart. This recipe is not just any cappuccino; it’s a maple cappuccino that will elevate your coffee experience to the next level.

Let me start by talking about the star ingredient, maple syrup. This sweet syrup brings a unique flavor and sweetness to your cup of coffee that you won’t find anywhere else. The combination of maple and coffee is an unexpected delight that you’ll soon be unable to resist. Its aroma alone will have you salivating, and its taste will keep you coming back for more.

Furthermore, this recipe allows for versatility in how it can be taken – hot or iced – depending on what suits your preference best. The coolness of the iced version is a relief on summer days while the warmth of the hot one provides comfort on chilly mornings.

Finally, if you’re worried about the preparation process being too complicated, don’t fret. This recipe is straightforward and easy to follow, so it’s a great option for beginner baristas or home coffee enthusiasts alike.

The maple cappuccino is perfect for those who crave a little something extra with their standard caffeine fix. Trust me, once you taste it, you’ll wonder how you managed without it in your life before.

Ingredient List

 Experience the sweet embrace of maple with every sip of this cappuccino
Experience the sweet embrace of maple with every sip of this cappuccino

Ingredient List

Here are the ingredients you will need to make this delicious, sweet maple cappuccino:

  • 1 shot of espresso or 6 oz of freshly brewed coffee
  • 1-2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup
  • 1-2 teaspoons of cocoa powder (optional)
  • ½ cup of milk
  • Cinnamon sugar (for garnish)

Note that you can use any kind of milk such as almond, soy, or oat milk to make this recipe. However, for the best frothy texture, it is recommended to use dairy milk or a non-dairy milk specifically formulated for frothing. In addition, you can adjust the amount of syrup and cocoa powder according to your desired level of flavor and sweetness.

The Recipe How-To

 The perfect beverage to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a warm, cozy twist
The perfect beverage to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a warm, cozy twist

Now let’s dive into the heart of this recipe – the steps to make Maple Cappuccino. With a little practice, you can enjoy an amazing cup of Maple Cappuccino at home. Here’s how you can make your own cappuccino recipe at home:

Step 1: Brew Espresso or Coffee

Begin by brewing 1 shot of espresso coffee or 6 oz. of brewed coffee from your favorite coffee maker.

Step 2: Steam the Milk

  • The milk used in a traditional cappuccino is typically whole milk, but feel free to use almond milk or half-and-half as per your preference.
  • Use a milk frother or separator to steam and foam 8 ounces of milk until it reaches an ideal temperature of 150°F-155°F
  • For a latte or maple latte, use 1/3 cup steamed and foamed milk

Step 3: Add Maple Syrup

Add 2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup to the brewed espresso/coffee and stir it well until equally mixed.

Step 4: Pour Steamed Milk into the Espresso/Coffee

After making sure that the maple syrup is blended with the brewed espresso/coffee, pour in heated, steamed milk into it. Gradually pour in the steamed milk from one side at a time towards the center.

Step 5: Add Extra Flavor (Optional)

For extra flavor and sweetness, sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top or add some flavored syrups like hazelnut, maple pecan, etc., according to your taste preferences.

Your delicious Maple Cappuccino is now ready to savor!

Don’t hesitate to try out all sorts of variations on this recipe – hot or iced; salted or sweetened; perhaps you might even consider substituting cocoa powder alongside maple syrup to create a distinctive Maple Cinnamon Latte or Maple Cinnamon Cappuccino!

Substitutions and Variations

 Savor the rich and robust flavors of freshly brewed espresso and maple syrup
Savor the rich and robust flavors of freshly brewed espresso and maple syrup

There are many ways to alter the flavors of this maple cappuccino recipe to make it your own. For example, you can use different types of milk such as almond milk or half-and-half in place of regular milk for a creamier texture. You can also add flavors like hazelnut or maple pecan syrups to create exciting twists on classic flavors.

To make an iced version of the maple cappuccino, first brew your espresso or strong coffee, then combine with chilled milk and syrup in a glass filled with ice. Stir well and enjoy the refreshing taste of a cold beverage.

For those who prefer salted caramel or salty coffee, try adding a pinch of sea salt to your maple cappuccino before enjoying. The combination of salty and sweet is always a crowd-pleaser, and it’s an easy way to elevate the flavor profile of the drink.

If cinnamon is your favorite spice, try making a cinnamon cappuccino by adding ¼ tsp cinnamon and 1 tsp sugar to your espresso shot before mixing in the steamed and frothed milk. You can also sprinkle additional cinnamon on top for an added touch of spice.

Finally, for those who do not have a traditional espresso machine, you can substitute with other types of coffee makers such as Nespresso or French press. Simply brew your coffee or espresso using your preferred method, then add the syrup and steamed/frothed milk. It will still be delicious!

Serving and Pairing

 Make your morning cup of joe extra special with this simple yet decadent recipe
Make your morning cup of joe extra special with this simple yet decadent recipe

Once you’ve crafted your maple cappuccino, it’s time to settle in and enjoy. This rich and creamy drink is perfect to help get you through the day or as a decadent treat to savor during a night in with friends.

To add some flair to your drink, garnish it with cinnamon powder or cocoa powder on top of the foam. Drink it while it’s hot and enjoy the flavor sweetness to the fullest. If you prefer an iced coffee version, chill your coffee first then pour it over ice.

Pair this cozy maple cappuccino with a pastry such as buttery croissants, chocolate biscotti or a blueberry muffin. The sweet flavor of the cappuccino pairs splendidly with these baked treats making for a perfect breakfast or afternoon snack.

If you want something more substantial, consider pairing your cappuccino with a sandwich or quiche which makes for a delicious lunch spread. Salads with fruits are also ideal pairings for those who prefer something light.

For non-dairy individuals, almond milk is perfect substitute without sacrificing taste. And if you like adding extra flavors, try hazelnut or maple pecan syrup instead of plain maple syrup.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to serving and pairing your favorite maple latte. Whether you’re indulging alone or sharing with friends, this delightful beverage is sure to satisfy your coffee cravings any time of day!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 A delightful treat that will leave your taste buds dancing
A delightful treat that will leave your taste buds dancing

Planning ahead is always a great idea, especially when it comes to enjoying a perfectly brewed Maple Cappuccino. Whether you’re prepping for a long day at work or simply looking to streamline your morning routine, the following tips will ensure that your coffee remains fresh, delicious and ready-to-enjoy at any time.

Making ahead:

If you need to prepare your Maple Cappuccino in advance, start by brewing a strong cup of espresso or freshly brewed coffee. Add maple syrup and stir well before pouring the mixture into a mason jar or tightly sealed container. After allowing the mixture to cool down to room temperature, add steamed milk and place the container in the fridge until ready for use.


To keep your Maple Cappuccino fresher for longer, try storing it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Storing your coffee mix in the refrigerator slows down the oxidation process, preserving the flavor and quality of the coffee.


When you’re ready to enjoy your Maple Cappuccino, there are several ways to reheat it while maintaining its rich taste and frothy texture. Instead of using a microwave which can lead to overcooked milk or uneven heating, try warming up your drink on the stove or using a steam wand if you have an espresso machine. Once your drink reaches your desired temperature, pour it into a mug and enjoy!

Overall, prepping ahead and properly storing your Maple Cappuccino mix will help ensure that you can enjoy caffeine-laden deliciousness anytime you crave it without compromising on flavors, texture or quality.

Tips for Perfect Results

 A delicious way to switch up your daily coffee routine
A delicious way to switch up your daily coffee routine

Now, let’s focus on how you can make the best maple cappuccino recipe with my expert tips. These tips will help you achieve the perfect flavor, sweetness, and texture.

First of all, use freshly brewed espresso or coffee for your recipe if possible. The fresher the coffee, the better the taste. I recommend using pure maple syrup instead of artificial ones for a more authentic taste.

Another tip to keep in mind is the milk you use. Whole milk will give you a creamier and richer result, but if you want a lighter option, try using skim or almond milk. Make sure to steam the milk correctly so that it’s not too frothy and not too cold. You can also add cinnamon or cocoa powder to your steamed milk for an extra flavor boost!

For those who prefer iced coffee, don’t forget that you can make this recipe as an iced latte or cappuccino. Just add ice to your cup before pouring in the mixture and enjoy!

Lastly, remember that presentation is key! Sprinkle some cinnamon sugar or pink salt on top of your foam for an aesthetically pleasing look. Pro tip: If you have hazelnut or maple pecan syrup, it pairs well with this recipe.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make the best maple cappuccino recipe every time!


As a barista, I understand that trying new recipes might raise some questions in your head. Therefore, in this section, I will address some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to the Maple Cappuccino recipe. From ingredient substitution to reheating options, I cover everything you need to know to make this recipe perfect for your taste buds. Let’s jump right in!

What is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino?

Different types of coffee drinks have unique ratios of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. A cappuccino has equal portions of each, while a latte has more steamed milk and less foam. Cappuccinos are layered, while lattes are a mixture of the espresso and steamed milk.

How is a traditional cappuccino made?

One of the most traditional coffee drinks, a cappuccino, typically consists of equal thirds of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. However, for a little variation, tasty syrups or different kinds of milk – like vanilla or chocolate – can be added to the mix.

Can I put maple syrup in coffee?

One way to enhance the taste of your coffee is by incorporating maple syrup. This natural sweetener not only adds a distinct flavor to your beverage but also provides minerals and antioxidants that are beneficial for your health.

Bottom Line

And there you have it, fellow coffee lovers. A delicious and unique recipe for the maple cappuccino – perfect for cold winter mornings or hot summer days. I hope this recipe has inspired you to try out new flavors and explore the world of coffee making. Remember to follow the steps carefully, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different variations and substitutions.

The maple cappuccino is a perfect addition to any coffee menu, whether you’re serving it up in a trendy cafe or enjoying it at home with friends and family. With its rich flavor and sweetness, it’s sure to please any palate and satisfy all your caffeine cravings.

So next time you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, try your hand at making the best maple cappuccino using this recipe. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you for it. Happy brewing!

Maple Cappuccino

Maple Cappuccino Recipe

A great way to jazz up your morning coffee simply with maple syrup, tastes like a fancy store bought syrupy coffee.
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Prep Time 3 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Course Beverage
Cuisine Canadian
Calories 154.3 kcal


  • 2 teaspoons maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup espresso coffee, freshly prepared
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • cocoa powder, to dust


  • Put maple syrup in the bottom of a mug.
  • Foam & heat the milk.
  • Add the milk to the mug and then the coffee.
  • If you want the layered look as per the photo, pour the milk & coffee over the back of a spoon when adding to the mug.
  • Top with milk froth & dust with cocoa powder.

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Serving: 321gCalories: 154.3kcalCarbohydrates: 17.4gProtein: 6.2gFat: 6.9gSaturated Fat: 4.3gCholesterol: 25.6mgSodium: 107.7mgSugar: 7.9g
Keyword < 15 Mins, Beverages, Easy, Low Cholesterol, Low Protein
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