Delight in Every Bite: Mocha Frosting Recipe

Hark! Hear ye, hear ye! Lend me your ears, good people, for I have news of a recipe most tantalizing and pleasing to the senses. Behold, the easy mocha frosting recipe that will elevate thy baked goods to new heights!

Verily, this recipe is a gift from the heavens for all baking enthusiasts out there. It is perfect for those who crave a decadent and rich buttercream frosting with a hint of coffee goodness. Fear not, for this recipe is quick and straightforward, so even those who art novice in the kitchen can attempt it with ease.

This mocha frosting recipe uses only a handful of ingredients which thou may already have in thy cupboard, such as powdered sugar, cocoa powder and unsalted butter. ‘Tis also worth mentioning that the key ingredient of this recipe is none other than instant coffee.

Now, imagine spreading this delectable frosting on freshly baked chocolate cupcakes or atop a moist chocolate cake. One bite and thy taste buds shall dance with delight! Oh, dear friends, I implore thee to give this recipe a chance and make thy next baking venture truly memorable.

So without further ado, gather thy ingredients and head to the kitchen with confidence. Follow me down yonder as we delve into the realm of mocha buttercream frosting. Let us begin the culinary adventure that awaits us!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Easy Mocha Frosting
Easy Mocha Frosting

Oh hear me, hear me! Let me tell you why this recipe is the finest of them all! This easy mocha frosting recipe is sure to leave your taste buds wanting more. It’s the perfect topping for any dessert – be it cupcakes, cakes or even a simple toast – it’ll transform any baked good from ordinary to extraordinary with just a dollop.

Firstly, let’s talk about the flavors in this frosting. The combination of espresso powder and unsweetened cocoa powder creates a rich, deep chocolatey flavor that balances perfectly with the creamy, buttery sweetness from the powdered sugar and heavy cream. And if you’re a coffee lover like me, you’ll love how the instant coffee granules turn this frosting into an indulgent mocha delight that’ll give you all the energy you need without even taking a sip of caffeine.

Furthermore, this mocha buttercream frosting recipe is incredibly easy to make. All you need are a few ingredients and a little bit of elbow grease. There’s no need for any advanced culinary skills or special equipment. Just mix together butter, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, espresso powder and hot water until everything is well combined and fluffy. It’ll only take you less than 10 minutes to whip up this delicious frosting.

Finally, this recipe offers plenty of flexibility for customization. Want to add some nutty flavor? Try mixing in some hazelnut or almond extract instead of vanilla extract. Would you prefer a lighter frosting? Replace the heavy cream with whipping cream or milk instead. Even if you want to skip the caffeine altogether, simply omit the instant coffee granules from the recipe.

In conclusion, whether you’re a coffee aficionado, a choco-holic or just someone who loves a good dollop of frosting on their dessert, look no further than this easy mocha frosting recipe. Trust me when I say that one bite will have you convinced that it’s indeed the best mocha buttercream frosting you’ve ever tasted.

Ingredient List

 The perfect mixture of coffee and chocolate in one frosting.
The perfect mixture of coffee and chocolate in one frosting.

Let’s get started with the ingredients!

Gather unsalted butter, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, espresso powder, heavy cream, and salt. You will also need hot water, 2 tablespoons of instant coffee granules, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. Last but not least, the main highlight of this recipe: 3 cups of powdered sugar for making the perfect mocha frosting.

Make sure that the butter is softened to room temperature before starting to make the frosting.

The Recipe How-To

 Ideal for any chocolate cake or cupcake recipe.
Ideal for any chocolate cake or cupcake recipe.

Before making the easy mocha frosting recipe, make sure to soften the butter. To do this, leave it at room temperature for 30 minutes or until it is soft to touch.

Step 1: Dissolve coffee granules

In a small bowl, dissolve 2 tablespoons of instant coffee in 1 tablespoon of hot water. Stir well to make sure there are no granules left.

Step 2: Make the frosting

In a deep well or in a mixing bowl, place 3 cups of powdered sugar, ¾ cup of unsweetened cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon of espresso powder.

Add in the softened butter and mix on low speed until the ingredients have combined. With the mixer running, pour in the dissolved coffee mixture to the frosting ingredients.

Gradually add ⅓ cup + 2 tablespoons (or 5 tablespoons) of boiling water and stir well with a spatula.

Finally, add in 2-3 teaspoons (or 1 tablespoon) of vanilla extract and 1/8 teaspoon (or a pinch) of salt. Mix all ingredients together until smooth and creamy. You now have your mocha buttercream frosting!

(Tip: If the frosting is too thick, you may add more boiling water by tablespoonfuls until you reach your desired consistency. If too thin, simply add some more powdered sugar.)

Step 3: Frost your cake or cupcakes

You may use either a spatula or piping bag to frost your baked goods. Scoop at least a cup of icing onto its container then use an offset spatula to apply around edges evenly.

(Tip: For best results, chill frosting covered baked goods at least 2 hours before serving so that it will set and can hold on and stick to edges better.)

This mocha cream frosting works great with chocolate cake recipe or chocolate cupcakes. You may also pair it with a mocha cake or coffee cake. Enjoy your homemade deep, dark and deliciously best mocha buttercream frosting!

Substitutions and Variations

 One spoonful of this frosting and you're in mocha heaven.
One spoonful of this frosting and you’re in mocha heaven.

Good morrow, dear reader! If thou art a frequent baker like myself, then thou art no stranger to making small adjustments to recipes in order to suit thine individual preferences. Fear not, for I have gathered a few ideas for substitutions and variations on this mocha frosting recipe, so that thou may customize it to thine heart’s desire.

Firstly, if thou art seeking a more intense mocha flavor, then consider adding an additional tablespoon or two of instant coffee granules to the frosting. This shall infuse thine frosting with a bolder coffee taste and aroma.

For those who prefer a sweeter frosting, in lieu of the suggested 3 cups of powdered sugar, thou may increase it to 4 cups or even 4 and a half. Take care though, it shall be rather toothsome!

As for variations on this mocha buttercream frosting recipe, why not experiment with different types of cocoa powder? For an extra-rich mocha flavor, use Dutch-processed cocoa instead of unsweetened cocoa powder.

Furthermore, for a touch of elegance and sophistication, consider incorporating a tablespoon or two of espresso powder into the frosting mixture. The subtle bitterness of the espresso shall cut through the sweetness for a more balanced flavor profile.

Lastly, if thou art feeling adventurous or fancy having some fun with frosting decoration, why not add a drop or two of food coloring to create colored frosting? Pink would be perfect for Valentine’s Day cupcakes or green for St. Patrick’s holiday.

Remember my friend: Thou shalt never go wrong when experimenting with ingredients and expanding thy culinary horizons!

Serving and Pairing

 A rich and creamy frosting that will elevate your baking game.
A rich and creamy frosting that will elevate your baking game.

Oh, what mirth it brings to my heart to imagine the wondrous possibilities for serving and pairing this delectable easy mocha frosting recipe! The velvety mocha buttercream is a delight that can be paired with so many different desserts.

Let us start with the most classic one – chocolate cake. Oh, a luscious dark chocolate cake slathered in mocha buttercream frosting, it makes my mouth water just thinking of it! The deep and rich flavor profile of both the cake and frosting blend together harmoniously. It’s like they’re meant to be together, forever!

But do not limit yourself to cakes alone. Imagine savoring a mocha buttercream-topped cupcake, whose moist crumb lightly tinged with coffee notes serves as a marvelous base for the decadent frosting. If you have ever dreamt of reaching heaven through a cupcake, this is the recipe for you!

But wait! There’s more! This frosting can also breathe life into more experimental dessert pairings. Take mocha ice cream, for instance. Two creamy treats combine and deliver an unforgettable café experience in every scoop.

And if you’re feeling fancy or amping up your baking skills, why not try making Ina Garten’s mocha chocolate cupcakes? Her recipe uses brewed espresso instead of instant coffee granules for an extra depth of flavor. Pair it with this easy mocha frosting recipe and bask in the glory of your exceptional baking prowess.

As with all things culinary, experimentation is key! So don’t be afraid to play around with other dessert pairings until you find your favorite way to enjoy this best mocha buttercream frosting recipe.

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 This frosting strikes the balance between sweet and robust flavors.
This frosting strikes the balance between sweet and robust flavors.

Hark! Forsooth, it is wise to think ahead when it comes to the storage of our fair mocha frosting, lest it meet an untimely end at the hands of heat and humidity. Methinks this recipe can be made ahead of time and stored for several days in a deep well-covered container, kept at a cool temperature.

If thou doth find thyself with leftovers, fret not! This frosting can easily be reheated. But take heed, dear reader – this must be done carefully lest the frosting become runny and lose its delicious texture. I advise thee to bring it to room temperature before placing it in the microwave for a slow and gentle reheat.

Shouldst thou wish to freeze thy frosting, make sure it is stored in an airtight container or ziplock bag. And remember – it must be completely cooled before frozen. I dare say this recipe is fit for cold storage for up to six months without any damage to its luscious flavor.

Before thou dost use it again, allow the mocha frosting ample time to thaw by leaving it out on the counter for 30 minutes or so before giving it a good stir. Add some additional milk or cream if needed.

Fair warning: if mistreating the frosting lead you astray from its enchanting scent and textures, then may as well ye let Ina Garten cast her spell on thou instead with her chocolate buttercream.

Tips for Perfect Results

 A frosting flavor that will wake you up and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.
A frosting flavor that will wake you up and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

To make the best mocha frosting, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. These tips will help you achieve the perfect consistency and flavor for your frosting.

Firstly, it’s important to make sure that all of your ingredients are at room temperature before starting. This includes the butter, heavy cream, and any other ingredients you are using. Room temperature ingredients blend together more easily and produce a smooth texture.

Secondly, be sure to mix your powdered sugar before adding it to the butter and cocoa mixture. Mixing the powdered sugar prevents lumps from forming in the final product.

Another tip for perfect results is to use a high-quality cocoa powder for the recipe. Better quality cocoa powder will give your frosting a richer flavor and darker color.

It’s also essential to sift cocoa powder and icing sugar to prevent the formation of lumps, which can be distracting to both the texture and taste of the frosting.

If you want to create an even richer flavor, try adding up to 1 tablespoon of espresso powder or 2 tablespoons of brewed coffee granules in addition to about 3 tablespoons of hot water used to dissolve them. This addition will not only accentuate chocolate flavour but also give an extra kick of caffeine for coffee lovers.

Once you’ve added all of your ingredients together, consider alternating them between mixed until you have a velvety mixture before adding whipping cream. Also use your hand mixer on low speed as high speeds could kill the softness eventually leading to a dry texture.

Finally, keep in mind that moisture levels in the air play a role in making frosting too thick or too thin depending on whether humid or less humid environment prevails respectively.. In such situations adding little milk (one spoon at a time) could help thicken or thin out frosting as needed.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making delicious and perfect mocha frosting every time.


Before we wrap up this article on easy mocha frosting recipe, let’s address some frequently asked questions (FAQ). In this section, we will tackle some of the common queries you may have been wondering about, from ingredient substitutions to storage tips. So, be sure to read through these FAQs to help you perfect this delicious mocha frosting recipe!

What is mocha frosting made of?

The components required for creating mocha frosting are butter, salt, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, heavy cream, espresso powder, and vanilla extract.

Can you add coffee to canned frosting?

For a richer and more indulgent dessert experience, try adding a touch of coffee to your frosting. To do this, start by creating a well in the center of the frosting and pour in the dissolved coffee. Next, use a slow and steady hand to stir the coffee into the frosting until it’s fully combined. Once complete, it’s time for the fun part – spreading this heavenly frosting on your favorite Pillsbury™ cake or brownie mix. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

Can I add instant coffee to store bought frosting?

To intensify the chocolate flavor of your baked goods that are topped with chocolate icing, try mixing in 1 teaspoon of instant coffee powder that has been dissolved in ½ teaspoon of hot water. This simple addition can heighten the richness of the chocolate and add an unexpected depth of flavor.

How to make moka cream?

Alright, let’s whip up some delicious mocha cream! First, grab a mixing bowl and pour in some whipping cream and sugar. Use a mixer to beat the two ingredients together until they form a firm and sturdy texture.

Next, let’s work on our mocha mixture. Start by pouring boiling water over some coffee granules and stirring until the granules dissolve. Allow the mixture to cool down before adding it to the whipped cream mixture. Pour the mocha mixture into the mixing bowl with the whipped cream and continue to beat it until well-combined.

Finally, it’s important to keep the mocha cream in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it. That way, it stays fresh and ready to add to your favorite coffee drinks or desserts. Trust me, this mocha cream will take your coffee game to the next level!

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this easy mocha frosting recipe is a must-try for any coffee or chocolate lover out there. The combination of cocoa powder and instant coffee granules creates the perfect mocha flavor that pairs wonderfully with any dessert.

One of the best things about this recipe is its versatility, as you can use it to frost cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and more. Additionally, the mocha buttercream frosting can easily be customized to suit your preferences by adjusting the amounts of sugar and instant coffee used.

So why not give this recipe a try and elevate your dessert game? Whip up the best mocha buttercream frosting with little effort, impress everyone with your skills and enjoy a sweet treat that will satisfy any craving! With these tips and recommendations at your fingertips, you are sure to achieve perfect results every time.

Easy Mocha Frosting

Easy Mocha Frosting Recipe

This is a great chocolate mocha frosting that my mother made back in the 50's. It is easy and tastes delicious, not too sweet and not bitter.
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Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Beverage-based
Servings 1 single layer cake
Calories 1719.7 kcal


  • 3 cups powdered sugar
  • 12 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
  • enough fresh hot coffee (to blend)


  • Mix on med/high speed all ingredients gradually adding the hot coffee and blend to a smooth paste (be careful when adding coffee that you do not put too much in or it will be runny).
  • Cool cake and frost spreading on the top and sides of a bundt cake or a single layer cake.

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Serving: 452gCalories: 1719.7kcalCarbohydrates: 394.6gProtein: 12.9gFat: 26.5gSaturated Fat: 16.2gCholesterol: 45.8mgSodium: 140.5mgFiber: 21.5gSugar: 354.4g
Keyword < 15 Mins, Beginner Cook, Dessert, Easy, Healthy, Low Protein, Sweet
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