Indulge in a Delectable Frappuccino Recipe Today

Greetings, coffee lovers! It is my pleasure to share this recipe with you today – a copycat version of Starbucks’ famous Frappuccino. You’ll be able to make this delicious (and cost-effective) beverage at home with just a few simple ingredients and some handy tips.

Starbucks Frappuccinos have become so popular that they’re practically a part of our daily routines. Whether it’s the caramel frappuccino or the mocha frappuccino, everyone has their go-to order. However, let’s face it: spending $5 or more every day quickly adds up. With this recipe, you can save money and have the satisfaction of making a Starbucks-quality drink yourself at home.

In this article, I will guide you through my own step-by-step process for creating the perfect frappuccino, including all the necessary ingredients, variations and substitutions, serving suggestions, storage tips and FAQ.

So join me on this journey to make a tasty and refreshing frappuccino that will leave your taste buds craving more!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Frappuccino, the Way I Do It (Starbucks Copycat!)
Frappuccino, the Way I Do It (Starbucks Copycat!)

Are you a fan of Frappuccinos but tired of spending so much money on them? Look no further than this copycat recipe to create your very own Starbucks-style Frappuccino at home! Not only is it affordable, but it’s also incredibly easy and quick to prepare.

This recipe is perfect for those who appreciate the creamy texture and rich flavor of a good Frappuccino. The ingredients list includes the basics – coffee, milk, ice – along with other optional ingredients to tailor your drink according to your preferences. Whether you like mocha or caramel, this recipe offers you the freedom to make it just the way you like.

But what sets this recipe apart from others is its use of xanthan gum, which gives the drink its signature thickness and frothiness. With just a tablespoon of xanthan gum, you can create the perfect blend that will rival even Starbucks’ own Frappuccinos.

Additionally, this recipe yields four servings which means you can cherish your homemade Frappuccino for your loved ones too. It’s perfect for enjoying on hot summer days or as an indulgent treat anytime you need a pick-me-up.

In conclusion, don’t let high prices stop you from enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures- coffee! With this easy Starbucks copycat frappuccino recipe, you can whip up a delicious drink in less time than it would take you to leave your house and travel to Starbucks- all while saving significant money.

Ingredient List

 A homemade Frappuccino is the perfect way to beat the heat!
A homemade Frappuccino is the perfect way to beat the heat!

What You Need:
Ingredients 1:

  • 2 cups ice
  • 1 cup milk (skim or any milk of your choice)
  • 3 tbsp instant coffee granules (Starbucks coffee or any brand you prefer)
  • 3 tbsp xanthan gum
  • 2 tbsp white sugar

Ingredients 2:

  • 4 cup milk (skim, low-fat, or whole)
  • 1/4 cup caramel sauce (Starbucks® Caramel Sauce or any brand you prefer)

Optional ingredients for substitutions and variations:

  • Caramel Frappuccino: Add extra caramel sauce for a rich caramel flavor. For an added crunch, add whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top.
  • Mocha Frappuccino: Replace caramel sauce with chocolate syrup. For an added crunch, add chocolate chips on top.
  • Java Chip Frappuccino: Add chocolate chips and a shot of espresso to the mocha frappuccino recipe.
  • Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino: Replace caramel sauce with chocolate syrup and add extra chocolate chips.
  • Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino: Add a caramel ribbon crunch topping (to make: mix together 1/4 cup white sugar and 1/8 cup water until dissolved. Add 3/4 cup crushed hard caramel candies).

The Recipe How-To

 Why go to Starbucks when you can make your own Frappuccino at home?
Why go to Starbucks when you can make your own Frappuccino at home?

Blended Heaven: The Recipe for a Perfect Frappuccino

Ready to make some delicious Starbucks copycat frappuccinos at home? Here’s my take on the classic caramel and mocha frappuccinos. You’ll need a blender and some basic ingredients.

For the Frappuccino base:

  • 1 cup skim milk
  • 3 tbsp hot water
  • 2 tbsp instant coffee granules
  • 1/4 cup caramel sauce (or chocolate syrup)
  • 2 tbsp xanthan gum
  • 3-4 ice cubes
  • Whipped cream (optional)

For the Caramel Frappuccino:

  • 1/2 cup milk of your choice
  • 2 cups ice
  • 1/8 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1 shot espresso or 1/4 cup brewed coffee, cooled
  • Caramel sauce for drizzling

For the Mocha Frappuccino:

  • 1/2 cup milk of your choice
  • 2 cups ice
  • 3 tbsp hot chocolate mix
  • 1 shot espresso or 1/4 cup brewed coffee, cooled

Step 1: Make the Frappuccino base

In a mixing bowl, add skim milk, caramel sauce (or chocolate syrup), and blend until frothy.

In another small mixing bowl, whisk the xanthan gum into the hot water until completely dissolved. Add this mixture to the milk mixture in the blender.

Add instant coffee granules and run your blender on high until you have a smooth and thick base.

Step 2: Make the Caramel Frappuccino

Add all ingredients to a blender except the caramel sauce. Blend until smooth, then pour into a glass. Top with whipped cream and more caramel sauce as desired.

Step 3: Make the Mocha Frappuccino

Add all ingredients to a blender except whipped cream and chocolate chips. Blend until smooth, then pour into a glass. Top with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

Tips for Perfect Results

  • Use cold brewed coffee when making home.
  • Freeze coffee or milk cubes so as not to dilute the flavor and ensure maximum creaminess.
  • If you want a sweeter taste, add sugar or flavored syrup on top.
  • Remember, xanthan gum helps everything thicken up and stay blended.

That’s it for this recipe! Now go ahead and make your own delicious copycat Starbucks drinks at home.

Substitutions and Variations

 This Frappuccino is smooth, creamy, and full of flavor.
This Frappuccino is smooth, creamy, and full of flavor.

Ah, the beauty of making your own frappuccino is that you have an unlimited range to tweak and adjust the recipe to your heart’s content. Let me give you some ideas for substitutions and variations of this beloved Starbucks beverage.

If you’re watching your calorie or fat intake, you can use skim milk instead of whole milk for a lighter version of the frappuccino. Alternatively, if you’re feeling indulgent, you can swap the regular milk with heavy cream or half-and-half for a richer texture and flavor.

For those who love their caffeine fix, but don’t have instant coffee granules on hand, feel free to use a shot of espresso or some brewed coffee as a substitute. Make sure it’s cold before blending it with the other ingredients!

Switch up the syrup flavor by substituting caramel sauce with chocolate syrup, or even vanilla syrup if you’re in the mood for something different. You can also add some chocolate chips to make a double chocolate chip frappuccino or crunchy caramel ribbon for sweet texture.

Craving more variety? Try making a mocha frappuccino by adding 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder or swapping the caramel sauce with chocolate syrup. Moreover, Brewed coffee-whipped cream, cinnamon-dolce Bean Frappuccino may take little longer but would surely be worth the wait.

Finally, if you’re feeling experimental or adventurous, feel free to add a dash of xanthan gum to thicken up the drink or mix and match different variations until you find your perfect recipe. Trust me; it won’t take much effort before you declare yourself as a serial frappuccino maker – making different substitutions every time!

Serving and Pairing

 Say goodbye to overpriced coffee and hello to your own delicious creation!
Say goodbye to overpriced coffee and hello to your own delicious creation!

A refreshing frappuccino is an all-time favorite coffee drink for many, and it can serve as the perfect treat or a decadent snack any time of the day. When serving a frappuccino, presentation surely matters! Add some whipped cream on top or drizzle some caramel sauce on your mocha frappuccino for that extra indulgence.

One of the things I love about making my own frappuccino at home is that I can customize it according to my taste preferences. You can choose the milk of your choice, add syrups or flavors, and adjust the sweetness level to your liking by experimenting with the recipe variations.

Pairing a frappuccino with a baked treat or a dessert is always a great idea. The rich flavors of a chocolate chip frappuccino are perfectly complemented with a plain cheesecake or chocolate mousse. A caramel ribbon crunch frappuccino pairs well with vanilla and cinnamon-flavored cakes and cookies. A classic vanilla bean frappuccino goes nicely with some sweet bread or muffins.

If you are unsure about pairing your homemade frappuccinos, then you cannot go wrong with sticking to what Starbucks recommends. Caramel frappuccinos pair beautifully with buttery pastries, while mocha frappuccinos complement doughnuts or chocolate croissants perfectly.

Serve your homemade frappuccinos chilled and enjoy!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 I love adding whipped cream and chocolate sauce to my Frappuccino.
I love adding whipped cream and chocolate sauce to my Frappuccino.

Making a delicious frappuccino at home is a great way to save time and money, but sometimes you may not be able to enjoy it right away. Fortunately, this frappuccino recipe is perfect for making ahead of time and storing for later.

If you want to make your frappuccinos ahead of time, simply follow the recipe instructions and store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. When you’re ready to serve them, give the container a shake or stir, then pour the frappuccino into a glass and add any desired toppings.

Storing leftover frappuccinos in the refrigerator is also a great way to enjoy them later. Simply pour any remaining frappuccino into an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator for up to three days. Just keep in mind that the texture may change slightly after being stored, so it’s best to give it a good stir before drinking.

For those who prefer their frappuccinos hot instead of cold, reheating is also possible. To reheat your cold frappuccino, simply pour it into a microwave-safe mug and heat it up in 30-second increments until it reaches your desired temperature. Be sure to stir occasionally during this process to ensure that the mixture heats up evenly.

One thing to keep in mind when storing or reheating your frappuccino is that the consistency may change depending on how long it has been stored and how it was reheated. To combat this issue, consider adding a small amount of xanthan gum or whipped cream to your blend prior to storage or reheating so that the consistency stays consistent.

By making your own homemade frappuccinos with ingredients like skim milk, hot water, instant coffee granules, caramel sauce and whipped cream, you can easily create a deliciously refreshing treat that can last for days. Just remember to follow these tips for storing and reheating to keep your frappuccino tasting fresh and delicious no matter when you’re craving a sweet and creamy pick-me-up.

Tips for Perfect Results

 This drink takes less than 10 minutes to make – perfect for mornings on the go.
This drink takes less than 10 minutes to make – perfect for mornings on the go.

The key to making the perfect Frappuccino is all in the technique. Here are some tips to ensure that your homemade version turns out just as good as the ones at Starbucks.

1. Use cold ingredients: Be sure to use cold milk and ice cubes. This helps create a creamy and smooth texture in your Frappuccino. You can even try freezing your coffee ahead of time to give it an extra chill.

2. Blend well: One of the most important steps in making a Frappuccino is blending it properly. To avoid chunks of ice or uneven textures, blend your Frappuccino until it’s completely smooth and the ice is fully broken down. To help achieve this, use a high-speed blender or, if you don’t have one, blend for a longer period than you might normally think.

3. Don’t overdo it with whipped cream: While whipped cream can add an extra touch of indulgence to your Frappuccino, try not to go too heavy on it. A moderate amount of whipped cream adds just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess without overpowering the drink itself.

4. Experiment with flavors: The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your Frappuccino flavors! Try adding in different syrups or sauces, such as caramel or chocolate chips, for an extra burst of flavor. You can also play around with different milk choices like almond milk or oat milk.

5. Let your coffee cool down: If you’re using brewed coffee instead of instant coffee granules, make sure to let it cool down before adding it to your Frappuccino-making process. Hot coffee will melt the ice cubes quickly, resulting in a watery texture instead of a creamy one.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to impress yourself and any guests who get to taste your delicious homemade Frappuccinos.


As with any recipe, questions may arise while making the Frappuccino. In this section, I will address some of the most frequently asked questions to help ensure that your experience making this copycat Starbucks beverage is as smooth as possible.

How are you supposed to make the Starbucks Frappuccino?

To whip up a delicious Frappuccino, you’ll need to combine instant coffee, milk, ice, and some homemade Frappuccino base syrup in a blender. Begin blending on a low speed, gradually increasing to high. And don’t forget to use a tamper tool to ensure a uniform blend, especially with the ice. Once it’s smooth, pour it into a cup and enjoy!

What is Starbucks Frappuccino base made out of?

The Frappuccino base at Starbucks is made with a flavored syrup that contains several ingredients, such as water, salt, natural flavor, sugar, preservatives, potassium sorbate, and citric acid. On the other hand, a homemade version requires only four ingredients, namely xanthan gum powder, sugar, water, and vanilla extract.

How do you make a Frappuccino consistency at home?

Achieving the perfect texture for a Frappuccino can be a challenge. Using xanthan gum, a widely used food additive, is crucial for creating a thick and enjoyable consistency. My attempt at making a Frappuccino without this ingredient resulted in a texture that was too icy and an undesirable separation between the coffee and ice. Both xanthan gum and golden syrup can be conveniently found in the baking aisle of most supermarkets.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, making your own Frappuccino at home is not only cost-effective but it’s also fun and easy to do. With the recipe I’ve provided, you can enjoy a variety of delicious Starbucks copycat flavors like caramel, mocha, and double chocolate chip frappuccino whenever you please. And with the numerous substitutions and variations available, you can mix and match ingredients to create your own unique flavors.

By using high-quality ingredients like Starbucks coffee and xanthan gum, you can ensure that your homemade frappuccinos will be just as satisfying as the ones you get at Starbucks. Plus, trying new recipes and experimenting with different combinations of ingredients is a great way to discover your new favourite drink.

So why spend a fortune on store-bought drinks when you can make them just as easily at home? Give my Frappuccino recipe a try and see for yourself how easy it is to recreate your favourite Starbucks drinks in the comfort of your own home. Happy sipping!

Frappuccino, the Way I Do It (Starbucks Copycat!)

Frappuccino, the Way I Do It (Starbucks Copycat!) Recipe

All it took was exam stress to create this. Tastes like starbucks, but much cheaper! To be honest, all the ingredient sizes are approximate...
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Prep Time 2 mins
Cook Time 1 min
Course Beverage
Cuisine Fusion
Servings 1 drink
Calories 224.7 kcal


  • 1 teaspoon instant coffee granules
  • 3 teaspoons hot cocoa mix (add more if you wish)
  • 2 tablespoons hot water
  • 2 teaspoons caramel sauce (recipe #243893) or 2 teaspoons dulce de leche ($notetemplate1$)
  • 3/4 cup skim milk (cold)


  • combine the coffee granules and hot cocoa mix in a mug.
  • Add the hot water and stir to dissolve.
  • Stir in the Dulce De Leche or Caramel Sauce. Make sure it fully dissolves into the coffee!
  • Top with skim milk, stir once again, and drink.
  • You can chill it I guess, but I never do, it just goes straight down.
  • For aesthetics sake I guess you can strain out any undissolved bits, but I'm way too lazy :P.

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Serving: 257gCalories: 224.7kcalCarbohydrates: 43.3gProtein: 9.5gFat: 1.6gSaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 3.8mgSodium: 299.9mgFiber: 1.2gSugar: 18.4g
Keyword < 15 Mins, Beginner Cook, Beverages, Dessert, Easy, Healthy, Inexpensive, Low Cholesterol, Sweet
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